If you are looking for the best termite pest control services in Bangalore then here is your answer. With monsoons coming down heavy on the whole subcontinent, it is the flourishing time for termites. These pests are wood- eating insects that can potentially destroy all wooden articles in your house or office space. They are known to thrive especially during the wet season and are extremely adept in the art of discreetly surviving. Infamously known as “silent destroyers”, termites destroy wooden pieces up to its very core, turning it into dust. As a result such infestation requires timely detection and extermination.

Prevention First

However, with the use of certain basic precautionary methods you can keep this creepy crawlies at bay:

  • Keep a check for mud tunnels or other signs of possible activity such as hollow timber;
  • Usage of anti-termite solutions;
  • Eliminate moisture by repairing any leaking pipes, showers or rusty down-pipes;
  • Abandon the habit of storing wood and paper within the house;
  • Check the foundation for any cracks, gaps or holes and fix them immediately;
  • Prevent contact of furniture with mud or soil.

However, it is extremely important to seek professional help in most cases. Consequently, SIPC provides the Best termite pest control services in Bangalore. We are one of the most innovative companies in our segment with ISO 9001:2008, 14001:14004 certifications. Instituted to pursue excellence, we render incredibly cost-effective termite control solutions to our valued patrons. Our administration is driven by exceptionally experienced specialists who are notably competent in eliminating the nuisance.

We are a force to reckon with in the pest management industry. Therefore our expert professionals instantaneously get rid of the infestations to provide you a sense of relief. Fortified with state-of-the-art technology and a massive pan-India presence, we strive to serve you 24/7.

Termite Combat Strategy

Besides, we, at SIPC Pest Control Service Bangalore, have chalked out a comprehensive solution to grant you freedom from the terror of mites definitively. Our team of technicians performs a thorough investigation of your space. They identify the infestations and thereby eradicate the pests once and for all. We use the following blueprint to tackle the termite challenge:

  • Anti-termite treatment

Our professionals seek to spot the infected zones and effectively destroy the mites.

  • Termite Inspection

Deployed with innovate equipment, our technicians trace the infected areas; study the build-up; and zero-in on appropriate measures to counter the infestation.

  • Termite Monitoring

This service, in particular, incorporates surveillance-based placement of termite bait stations around your property. They detect and monitor termite population and their activities. Most importantly, the use of specialized chemicals in this process is strictly in adherence to industrial safety standards.

  • Liquid Termite Treatment

This step poses as a preventative process to affirm zero recurrence.

We understand pest problems like none other. We work relentlessly to restore your peace of mind. Empowered with expansive experience we cater to both residential and commercial needs at highly competitive prices. We employ incredibly skilled professionals who wield their expertise to render the best termite pest control services in Bangalore. Our team is entirely committed to exterminating bug adversaries. Finally, we operate with unparalleled reliability and civility.

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