Cockroach Control

They are nocturnal insects hence their presence cannot be noticed in daytime. Those seen during the day have generally been forced out by overcrowding. Cockroaches are Thigmotactic Insect (Thigmotaxis is the movement of an organism either towards or away from the stimulus of physical contact.). They usually “mass migrate”


Among 4000 species of cockroaches identified, four major species are considered as house hold pest: 

  1. American Cockroach                         – Periplaneta americana
  2. Oriental Cockroach                            – Blatta orientalis
  3. German Cockroach                            – Blatella germanica
  4. Brown Banded Cockroach                 – Supella longipalpa


Rodent Control


Drains, sewerage pipes, below sinks, in fridges, microwaves, cracks & crevices, underneath & inside cupboards, book shelves, furniture & appliances, around pipes or conduits, behind window or doorframes, in the bathroom, Hot-water closets, Electrical equipment, computers, wet grinders, switch boards, cardboard boxes. In other words, ALMOST EVERYWHERE.


A single pair of cockroaches’ can produce several   generations consisting of appox 4,00,000 individuals per annum.  Female cockroaches deposit their eggs in a hardened oval capsule called an ootheca. When the eggs are almost ready to hatch, the mothers of most species either drop the egg case close to a food source or use secretions from their mouths to glue it to a suitable surface. 

Life Cycle:  Roach life cycle includes; Egg Stage, Nymph stage and Adult stage. Nymph stage moult five times before they become capable of breeding.

Cockroach Life Cycle


Harmful Effects to Humans:

  • They spoil food stuff and browse over kitchen utensils at midnight. 
  • They spread diseases causing organisms like salmonella, fungi, bacteria, etc. Their movement invites lethal diseases to human being such as:
  1. Diarrhea
  2. Dysentery
  3. Typhoid Fever
  4. Food poisoning
  5. Allergens leading to asthma
  • The faecal matter makes the living place malodorous and repulsive 

Assessment of Cockroach Infestation:

  1. Cockroach species
  2. Level of infestation
  3. Level of sanitation
  4. Previous treatment History
  5. Harborage places

Control of Cockroaches:

  1. Proofing (sealing of cracks and crevices ) 
  2. General sanitation/hygiene improvement, 
  3. To eliminate  source of infestation
  4. Effective chemical treatment including residual sprays and gel baits.
  5. Monitoring.


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