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Are you tired of rodents or cockroaches in your house? Concerned about termites damaging your furniture? You can connect with our team at SIPC if you are struggling with pest problems. We help you with pest control in Delhi. Some pests are harmful to humans and their properties. They also carry diseases and cause different health issues. Even though you maintain hygiene in your house, it is not easy to avoid infestation. That is why you can hire us to kill the pests and prevent further problems. We provide you with the most affordable solution. 

At SIPC, we use tools to inspect every corner of your house and use chemicals to kill bugs or pests. Send us an email for a visit. We will give you a quote for pest control services.

Get rid of roaches

Do you know that roaches in your household have multiple species? Many homeowners do not pay attention to the presence of cockroaches in their kitchen and other parts of the house. Most commonly, cockroaches hide near waste deposits. They are also found in your vents, drain pipes, cracks, and crevices.

Although we use low-toxic chemicals, they are effective in killing cockroaches and preventing their infestation. Our eco-friendly and smell-free solution will give you long-term value. So, call our professional team for cockroach control Delhi.

Make your house free from termites

Termites are often found in colonies, and they need moisture to survive. They build narrow tunnels to avoid exposure to air and light. However, some termites feed on wooden items and paper. For termite control in Delhi, you can call our efficient team.

In most cases, it is not easy to detect termites, as they hide on floors and behind walls. But we are skilled at identifying and killing termites in a professional way.

Prevent rodents from damaging your property

Rats damage electric wires. Moreover, they are responsible for spreading some diseases. We implement the best method for Rat Control in Delhi. Our team places traps at different sites that are prone to rodent activity. Besides, we seal the entry points to prevent the access of rats in the future. 

Avoid mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquitoes can spread diseases like brain fever, dengue, and malaria. Mosquito infestation is common in many households. To keep your families safe, consider mosquito control Delhi. Our scientific approach is effective in killing mosquitoes. Moreover, we treat larvae to prevent the growth of mosquitoes. Besides, our fogging treatment gives you relief from mosquitoes.

Bid goodbye to bed bugs

If a single room has signs of bed bugs, the infestation can reach other adjacent rooms. It is challenging to eradicate bed bugs from a house. However, we put our best effort into bed bug control in Delhi. With special chemicals, our team will kill these bugs. 

We are a responsive team for pest control. Regardless of the type of pests you have, you can call us to inspect your house.

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