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Pest Control in Trivandrum- We Offer Cost-Effective Services

Are you trying to get rid of the pest problems in your house? Pests are common in many households. But, if you leave the infestation untreated, it can cause serious issues. We apply the extermination method depending on the type of pests and infestation level. 

So, send a message to our professionals at SIPC for pest control services in Trivandrum. Our affordable solutions will make your house free from insects and bugs.

We specialize in managing different types of pests

Cockroach Control 

There are several types of cockroach species, but only a few of them are found in households. Indeed, it is quite challenging to remove cockroaches with your DIY approach. Thus, you can count on our team for cockroach control in Trivandrum


Termite Control 

Termites are tiny bugs, which feed on wood or cellulose. They are of different categories, including queens, workers, soldiers, and reproductive swarmer.  Worker termites cause irreparable damage to your property. For instance, they can destroy

  • Furniture
  • Shelves
  • Books
  • Insulation
  • Trees and shrubs

Some common signs of termites are mud runs, hollow wood, and discarded wings. Moreover, many termites are clearly visible as flying insects called alates. If you want effective termite control in Trivandrum, you can hire our professionals.

Rodent Control 

Whether it is a large rat or a small mouse, rodents can pose damage to your property. They can chew your electric wires and pantry boxes. If you do not take action at the right time, a rodent infestation can result heavy economical loss.

So, let our professional exterminators manage the task of rodent control Trivandrum. If you prioritize comfort, health, and safety, we can call us to remove annoying rodents. Without experience, it is not easy to catch rodents safely. But our trained professionals can do it efficiently.

Mosquito Control 

During the spring season, you can find a spurt in the mosquito population. Mosquitos not only cause painful bites but also cause diseases. You can hire us for mosquito control in Trivandrum to save your family from mosquito-borne diseases. 

Our affordable yet effective solutions will give you the best value. With our power sprayer, we treat the breeding ground of mosquitos. 

Bed Bugs Control

Bed bugs hide in different places, including mattresses, linens, and bedding. It is stressful and time-consuming to remove and kill bed bugs. However, our professionals at SIPC know how to manage these bugs. 

We recommend washing the fabrics and clothing after our bug removal treatment. It prevents the reappearance of these bugs within a short period. So, hire our professionals for Bed Bugs Control in Trivandrum.

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