Pest Control Service India

India’s hot and humid climate makes it inhabitable for many pests. There are several types of insects living in our houses that are barely visible. Most insects only come out at night time when it is quiet around the house. So chances are you might fail to notice them. But just because you do not see the insects, it does not mean that they are not there. But they do leave behind little traces. Like nibbled bits of scrap by rodents, faecal matter, and cobwebs, etcetera. The sooner you pick up on these subtle signs the better. For you would be able to check major infestations by promptly availing the best pest control services in India.

Prevention Tips

Here are 10 ways to prevent pests crawling around your home:

  1. Keep your kitchen clean
    You can prevent pests from visiting your kitchen by clearing away food crumbs dropped on the kitchen surfaces, table or floor and cleaning them regularly.
  2. Check for cracks
    Inspect your house properly and fix all gaps, holes or cracks, if any. Prevent unwanted intruders by cleaning the gaps around doors and windows.
  3. Seal up food
    Never leave your food open or unsealed on the table or in the kitchen. Use food pack sealers or store your food in air-tight containers.
  4. Use a good vacuum cleaner
    To eliminate pest infection, vacuum your home in and around on a regular basis, even the furniture, sleeping areas and the wall cracks.
  5. Pests on your pets
    Make sure you bathe your pets regularly and treat them with a flea treatment. Fleas may come inside your house and spread through your pets.
  6. Use pest control products
    Make use of insecticide sprays, powders or other pest control products to prevent pests from entering your premises.
  7. Call the Pest Control Experts
    If your house is already infested with pests, it is advisable to call the pest control experts immediately, without any delay.

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